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The Team


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Jason Lineberger

Jason Lineberger is an experienced and accomplished National Board-Certified educator with over 28 years of experience in both traditional and online classrooms. He is a recognized digital innovator and technology trainer for NC Teacher Academy, North Carolina Virtual Public School, and the North Carolina

School of Science and Mathematics. Jason has also been recognized by PBS as one of America. 

Digital Innovators and was named as one of 20 All-Star Innovators in 2020. His passion for creativity extends beyond the classroom as he is a published writer, poet, fiction writer, photographer, and musician. Join us for the weekend with Jason to explore how to tap into your creativity and find inspiration for your songwriting.

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Kim Ware

Kim Ware, singer and guitarist of The Good Graces, is a drummer-turned-songwriter who started her music career in 2006 after purchasing an old acoustic guitar named Buzzy at the Lakewood Antiques Market in Atlanta. Since then, she has produced seven full-length albums, toured across the United States, and has showcased at festivals such as 30A, NXNE, and LEAF, where she placed in the top three at the NewSong Singer-Songwriter Competition in 2019. With her unique style that blends alternative rock, country, and folk, Kim and her band have shared stages with renowned artists such as Indigo Girls,

Sierra Ferrell, and The Love Language. In September 2022, Kim released a studio album, "Ready," which she recorded with engineer/producer Jerry Kee of Duck-Kee Studios in Mebane, NC. She followed that in

spring 2023 with Homely; a home-recorded album available on vinyl direct from Kim via her Bandcamp page and at live shows.

Kim Ware Headshot.png

Jeff Hamilton

Jeff Hamilton is an experienced educator and facilitator with a passion for personal development and creativity. With over four decades in formal education, Jeff is dedicated to helping individuals unleash their inner creator. As a former teacher of English and creative writing, he now teaches courses on creativity, innovation, and transformation, empowering his students to find their own unique voice. When he's not teaching, Jeff enjoys playing in a band, creating music in a range of styles. Drawing on his own experience as a musician and songwriter, he encourages writers to create the optimal conditions for generating ideas and crafting compelling songs.

Laura Wheeler

Laura Wheeler is a passionate and experienced movement instructor who has spent the past 30+ years inspiring others to find joy and creativity through physical activity. With certifications in both Holden Qi Gong and yoga, she understands the importance of self-expression and relaxation in promoting overall wellness. At our upcoming songwriter's retreat, Laura looks forward to sharing her expertise in Qi Gong and yoga, helping attendees to tap into their own creativity, reduce stress, and find new inspiration for their craft. Her dedication to promoting movement and creativity makes her a valuable addition to the retreat's programming.

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